Our Story

At the age of 13, John Cassar and his mother struggled to care for his father’s terminally ill mother at home rather than put her in a nursing home with similarities to that of a hospital which has little warmth to that of a home.  After his mother's death, John volunteered to work in assisted living with his father providing health care services to the elderly. Frequently, they found many facilities were in poor condition without the individualized care needed for so many and in traditional institutional settings with few options for care.

An Opportunity for Change

While visiting one of the elderly care facilities with his father he was offered an opportunity to make a difference and change by taking over Golden View in banning in 1989.  In the first year John spent his time determined to provide the best care possible by guaranteeing that those residents who came to the facility to stay were treated with dignity, respect, and compassion with the best care possible with customized care plans for each resident.

Soon John and his wife Carie in response to increasing community demand opened up another facility with their administrator Nita Veloso.  They retrofitted older buildings to meet the new philosophy of care.  The result was a warm and comfortable environment which was smaller than most facilities in order to guarantee personalized individualized care.

Today, GoldenCare provides comprehensive care from Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s, Short Term Stays to In-Home Care.